Christmas dinner with Roboy

What really is Artificial Intelligence?
What is the definition of intelligence at all?

With a height of just 140 cm Roboy seems to be a nice guy. Surprisingly, he is capable of showing emotions and thus shows visitors that even androids "have a heart". Well, not really, but its "angry mode" was quite funny. Should we consider this artificial intelligence (AI), or just a nice feature coded into the control center of this imitation of a human body?
The staff of PDF Tools AG was on tour for the yearly Christmas dinner and visited the Artificial Intelligence Lab of the University of Zurich. Following an overview about their research work and objectives, as well as a brief introduction to the basics of Artificial Intelligence, we were shown a world full of exciting machines, robots and components.

First station displayed an introduction into numerous applications of an aerial drone, relating to rescue services and how a drone is able to navigate without a GPS. After the demonstration of how drones can be used to save lives - a welcome diversion to other scopes of application in war zones - we made the acquaintance with Roboy.

With this set of fresh impressions about AI we returned to our yellow bus (built in the 1950ies) - which rather felt like travelling back in time - and quite a few debates were started on what we had just been demonstrated. However, hard working brains need fuel and so the final station was a nice restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner - in very nicley set, human defined ambiance ;-)

btw: on you can find more information about the little android.

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