How to process device specific colors in PDF

The chapter about rendering in the PDF standard specifies how to transform colors from one device specific color space to another and gives hints on how to transform calibrated colors to device specific colors. But most implementations ignore those rules and use ICC profiles to characterize the output devices. But, what does this mean for the black-generation, the undercolor-removal and other functions in the graphics state?

A best practice for using output intents

Output intents describe the characteristics of the device on which a document is intended to be rendered. Traditionally, the target device is a printer. But, how about display monitors?

Christmas dinner with Roboy

What really is Artificial Intelligence?
What is the definition of intelligence at all?

With a height of just 140 cm Roboy seems to be a nice guy. Surprisingly, he is capable of showing emotions and thus shows visitors that even androids "have a heart". Well, not really, but its "angry mode" was quite funny. Should we consider this artificial intelligence (AI), or just a nice feature coded into the control center of this imitation of a human body?

Embedding fonts in PDF - a never ending struggle

I collect bad PDFs since the Reference Manual 1.0 was published in 1993 and today I have recourse to a data base of more than 100'000 real world PDF files with all kinds of faults in them. The vast majority of problems, however, is related to fonts. But, why does dealing with fonts in PDF files turn out to be so troublesome?

How to create tagged PDF/A from Microsoft Word documents with decent quality

Microsoft Word offers an add-in to save a document as a PDF/A file. Good to hear, I thought. I ran the output through the PDF Validator for a standards conformance check. No complaints. That's great, isn't it. So, I shed an eye on the visual quality. Oops! To my surprise some content is depicted as a black rectangle instead of showing a nice drawing.

Utility to simplify the import of certificates and private keys into a PKCS#11 cryptographic token (HSM)

The 3-Heights™ Security API supports the creation and verification of digital signatures using a cryptographic token via a PKCS#11 interface. However, the component can only be used if the token has appropriate certificates and private keys stored on it. A useful command line utility helps to store the required objects into the token.

Do the PDF scan conversion rules have an impact on anti-aliasing?

The scan conversion rules in PDF are special in the sense that none of the publically available graphics libraries implements them. On the other side almost every PDF rendering engine implements an anti-aliasing mechanism to support low and medium resolution bitmaps. The question that immediately arieses is: how do these two mechanisms relate to each other?

TIFF Mixed Raster Content (MRC) conforming to RFC 2301

Mixed Raster Content (MRC) is a process to reduce the size of raster images. It is well known since PDF/A is used to archive scanned documents. However, it has been used and standardized in RFC 2301 for TIFF files earlier.

Stroking geometric paths - not as easy as it seems

In PDF geometric paths are simply described as lines and cubic bézier curves. The filling of a path is straight forward once one understands the even-odd and non-zero-winding rule. The stroking of a path however is not as simple as it seems at the first glance. Let us have a look into stroking and some special cases.

PDF transparency reviewed

This new blog thread is dedicated to the development of the PDF standard and its associated sub-standards. As a delegate of the Swiss Standardization Association (SNV) in the ISO Comittee I'm supposed to review all related working documents. Currently I'm focussing on the working draft of the new ISO Standard ISO 32'000-2 (PDF 2.0), especially the chapter about transparency.

Controlling enveloping machines using OMR markers

In this new blog thread I'd like to inform you about new features and applications of our tools. Enveloping machines can be magically controlled with these tiny dashes called OMR markers on the border of a printed sheet. But how can I easily create them?

Success Story LBBW - The new function enables the automated distribution

"The 3-Heights™ PDF to PDF/A Converter was easy to install and meets all of our requirements."

Andreas Boxleitner,
Head of the IT Administration Group,
LBBW Asset Management

Various marketing documents at LBBW Asset Management are automatically generated in PDF format and distributed to different recipients via a “central service” based on an inhouse Java development. LBBW Asset Management wanted an option to transmit these documents in PDF/A format.

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The September Newsletter is just on!

Our headline photo shows the Trift Bridge, a suspension bridge in the Grimsel area. It hangs 100 meters up in the air and spans more than 170 meters. 

The glacier has receded, so the bridge secures a route to the Triffthütte mountain hostelry. More information about the bridge can be found at wiki, as well as at 

Crossing the bridge shouldn't be vertigo inducing – and even so, there is the impressive panorama for distraction (provided you stay gazing strictly straight ahead ;-)

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Success Story PDFen published

"PDFen benefits from an excellent support service.
Our sales and technical requests were mostly answered within 
a day and the responses were very satisfactory."

Jurn Raaijmakers
Owner and Founder

PDFen intended to reduce their customer's effort to prepare and work with digital documents during a meeting. There where numerous customer requirements which a solution has to fulfil and PDF Tools 3-Heights (TM) Document Converter was the final choice of PDFen.

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PDF Tools' BBQ

With good humor, delicious grill things and nice weather the companies BBQ has been a great party for the whole PDF Tools family.

As little present all staff member received our new company shirt - looks nice, doesn't it?

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